Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Small something

Yey, finally finished drawing title screen...
And then I overdid it and made a fucking intro, ffs...

Yeah, shit quality video, looks way better normally.
But now, since I did what I needed, which was:
Redo whole fucking demo, add something extra to it, remove stuff that was either "meh" or I am saving for later part in the game, redo/fix other things and make new title screen.

Finally, this took way too fucking long, I am overdoing it with little details and stuff.
Now, would be nice to figure out that patreon thingy because that's one of the things I still didn't gave two fucks about, but finishing it just by relying on my savings is delusional, so support is needed...
And I would rather continue working on this as it's shitload of fun and I want to finish it asap, hoping that people will enjoy playing it as much as I am enjoying making it :P

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's me again.

Because there was almost no traffic here, I didn't write a post and mentioned anything about releasing 6.32 patch a while ago.

Also, I am playtesting demo and searching for bugs/issues, if I won't find anything more, I should drop fully working demo during this weekend.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Small update on this.

So I am done with all events, fixed caching in recollection room and added waitress event to it too.
But I also added extra room to recollection. It shows all possible routes for story event, which one player took and after the event: summary of whole route.
Summary doesn't spoil other routes and route can be viewed on the go (do sub-event, save-> load, do sub-event differently and save). As it's saved globally, just like sex events, progress/summary(if unlocked) can be viewed at any time.
Only issue is that I have to write summary for all combinations and there are total of 20 of those xD
Well, as soon as I am done with it, I will drop link to finished demo. :D

Friday, January 26, 2018

6.31 posted.

There is 6.3 version and 6.31 update to it.

At this point this is what needs to be done:

  • Complete waitress event.
  • Fix recollection room so it's properly caching images.
  • Populate village with NPCs  DONE
  • Add small, missing events    DONE
Also, I think I will be updating after each time I am done with next tier of waitress event until it's finished. Also, at that point demo will be complete.
May take a while longer as I am adding extra whole scene to it, so I am in the process of drawing it atm.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hotfix v2 for version 6.2

Updated hotfix as it didn't have all needed files. Now it should work. (Thanks Mr NunSense )
6.21 didn't had those issues so no update here.

Also, a note, if you have problems with game taking a lot of space in memory over time, let me know. I did try my best to keep it low, but it may still go up to 1-1.2GB... though, it should clean itself much faster. And I can't exactly drop idea of pre-caching images, as they lag as fuck without that, to the point where Rose can be seen without clothes in dialogues for split of a second, because her image is composed of a lot of layers (then add multiple poses to that).

Monday, January 22, 2018

Hotfix (v6.21)

Added hotfix for 6.2 and link to 6.21. If you don't want to download whole thing again (221 MB), just grab the hotfix (375KB).
This version should be easier on memory as image cache cleanup is much more aggressive.
Plus few small bugfixes on found issues (Thanks Byz )

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Unfinished demo posted

As the title says, unfinished demo is here.

Petals of Rose - Demo ver 6.2 - Please, take a second and look into README.txt