Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hotfix #3 for 0.1.4c - All systems

Fixes issue with bar scene after getting high ero stats with Debug NPCs https://mega.nz/#!Tx01nSoK!mZNXostqJL5IadaPGdIShOckrep0TySqFwiPu1lOYjc So basically, this doesn't do anything for people who don't use debug NPCs.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Map of the in-game world.

Since I dropped it on discord, I will post it here too.
This is the map of the Rieat (which means pretty much "Earth" in some I-just-made-it-up-but-not-really-right-now ancient language).
One with borders, other without any. No important places/cities marked on both maps.

This is also pretty much what I am using to build in game map from tilesets.
I may spend some extra time and refine this map sketch even more (I had to look at so many maps and read a little bit about geology to at least try getting it right, so more of that won't hurt xD).
And a reason to get it looking much better would be to add in-game item called just "map" that would show map image with extra pointer telling player where Rose exactly is at each point. Just a little extra that is not needed at this very moment, but since I was fixing original map sketch to get a good frame for map building, I decided to share this anyway.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

0.1.4c public release

As the tittle says.
You will find it here in download section.


//-------------- Petals of Rose 0.1.4c --------------//
- Info
 No new content in-game, this build is like 0.1.4b, so mainly fixing issues.
 NOTE: Since I am forced to move image files manually, if there is something missing, let me know as there is a huge chance I missed something.
 NOTE2: Old saves do not work, in next release there will be option to move player to either end of Sedara content or when latest release ended. Questions will take care of branching and equipment. Sorry about that.

---- Message speed option
---- Khas lighting plugin.
---- Gallery unlocking NPC.
---- Probably some bugs.
---- Converted all images to .webp to lower gamesize (50% less).
---- Missing image error no longer loops itself. Game continues normally.
---- Fixed reported bugs and ones I found.
---- Other things I forgot about.
---- Terrax lighting plugin, was causing too many problems.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


As the title says... Yeah, it's on patreon.

//--------------Petals of Rose 0.1.4--------------//
- Info
  I am fully aware that planned version for this release was 0.1.5. But as version is tightly tied to story progression, due to amount of work I had to do for battle system (mostly drawing related) I had to cut some elements off and then add some story parts so it "feels" ok. Since this part of the story is pretty much where things kick off, I had to make sure everything is set up. And yes, technically there is more reading than gameplay, so to counter this I added few mini games for one part, battle to show how it ticks and some choices (one affects story in a great deal).
  Next update hopefully will be at version 0.2 and as scenes generally are faster to make, it shouldn't be as bad as it was this time (Only 20 days of slip... ffs).

--- A lot of images (around 600, mostly related to battle system and clothes damage)
--- Message skip
--- Tweaked dialogue boxes
--- Battle system
--- Clothes damage
--- Story, cutscenes and some extras related.
--- Keybind configuration
--- 1920p/720p Screen switch
--- Credits
--- Better options menu, more customization
--- More bugs
- Fixed/Tweaked
--- Optimized all images to lower memory usage (minus images that were already in, those got "light" treatment)
--- Switched images to 1920p screen size.
--- Tweaked graying out in dialogues so it doesn't take as long.
--- Probably some other things I forgot about

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Poll on resolution

Everything explained in patreon post.
Non patreon voting poll on the bottom of post.