Thursday, September 20, 2018

I am back.

Stomach flu sucks, don't recommend.

Anyway, I am back on track. Let me give more detailed update. Added one extra ecchi scene that I started sketching today. Just a basic "let me touch you everywhere with excuse of that being a guard's work". It won't have too much in terms of drawing, but will consider different outfits, not sure about skirt flip but I will consider it. Just like rest of smaller scenes.

 About hunting/bounty quests and mob sex scenes. No clue if I already talked about it, can't remember, will assume I did not. Only those quests will have some sex scenes upon failure/success, normal fights will not have it due to fact that with some help and brainstorming I now have an idea how to deal with problem of: "get scene only after losing a fight" (thanks JJATH for helping with that).
In case of defeat - defeat sex scene
In case of win - Rose will simply imagine what would happen and narrate everything.
Both versions will be unlocked after the quest since those aren't repeatable. I think it's a very good balance to get a scene and not force player to lose on purpose (which I personally hate). Those scenes won't be long or have much images, but I will still take into account shame level (mainly for defeat one).
This and story-related problem are reasons why there won't be a scene after normal fights. Also, will help in time saving due to less elements to draw.
Dunno about sex attacks during battle, since all will need to consider damaged versions of clothes and armors that won't give possibility for a titty squeeze until broken. Not to mention, it's a mini scene so takes time and seeing it too often gets annoying (maybe I will reserve those for certain bosses/mini-bosses). For now I would say there won't be any, if I add them, I will add them.

Last thing, scene unlocker will stay until game is finished, same for cheats, but I already modified how cheats work with an option to turn them off and stats will go back to how those were (saving values gained during normal events). Should be good enough for people who want to unlock higher tier scenes and then rollback cheated values to continue with save in next update.

Also, checkup sketch.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Patreon reorganization - Why?

This is direct copy-paste from patreon, original post here.

Oh boy, that's a big change for this page, ain't it?

I guess there are some questions related to "why?". It's a matter of principles and personal views. When I was first creating this patreon page, I mainly followed what other people did, with few changes as I didn't like some ideas. Later on there were more changes to this page due to different circumstances (damn deadlines xD). However, lately I had some contact with... Let's call it "Adult Game Dev Community" and I was... Disappointed is a good word to use. Anyone can do things however they want, doesn't mean I have to agree with such model and I do not. I want to stay as far away from that as I can, thus the changes on patreon page and how things are done.

This is basically it, I want to stay away from all of that and focus on my game instead of worrying which pledge tier will be better for gaining patrons and how to promote to gain as much support as possible. Sadly, that's mainly what they are talking about between themselves, not interested, here is a hard line and I am not going nowhere that.
  • Pledges have been removed then added again exactly same for each tier. (this may have screwed few things, should have edited those xD) 
  • Posts that are hidden behind a paywall will be on my dev blog, due to NSFW. 
  • During game release, there is no waiting time, free means free. 
  • Support comes in different forms, monetary one, while helping a lot, isn't the only way. 
Last note, for few more months I can continue working full time on Petals of Rose. If monetary support gets high enough, it will stay that way, if not, I will simply have less time to work on this.

If someone wants to help with more inside work related to development, just message me.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Roadmap + 0.1.4c reupload.

Let me start with reupload first. This is just 0.1.4c with applied hotfix, because... I can't be answering same thing regarding bugs all the time. There isn't anything more to it.

Now, the roadmap. On the menu above you will see a link to new page. What it is is basically progress bar to show where on the next update I am right now. Of course, everything is simplified to avoid spoilers. Two dates are basically for ability to tell time between status updates. I will be updating it everyday or every two days.

Before overall progress bar will reach 100%, I will make additional patreon post with a date to not surprise anyone with a patreon payment right out of the blue.
Some things on that roadmap may be changed if development will require (less/more maps or stuff like that). Right now everything is set to zero and tasks that are finished were not included.

I tried to make it in simple, visual way, hope it will help with estimation where upgrade is atm. My judgement on planned deadline would be end of month. My judgment on the matter is generally shit, so we will see xD

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hotfix #3 for 0.1.4c - All systems

Fixes issue with bar scene after getting high ero stats with Debug NPCs!Tx01nSoK!mZNXostqJL5IadaPGdIShOckrep0TySqFwiPu1lOYjc So basically, this doesn't do anything for people who don't use debug NPCs.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Map of the in-game world.

Since I dropped it on discord, I will post it here too.
This is the map of the Rieat (which means pretty much "Earth" in some I-just-made-it-up-but-not-really-right-now ancient language).
One with borders, other without any. No important places/cities marked on both maps.

This is also pretty much what I am using to build in game map from tilesets.
I may spend some extra time and refine this map sketch even more (I had to look at so many maps and read a little bit about geology to at least try getting it right, so more of that won't hurt xD).
And a reason to get it looking much better would be to add in-game item called just "map" that would show map image with extra pointer telling player where Rose exactly is at each point. Just a little extra that is not needed at this very moment, but since I was fixing original map sketch to get a good frame for map building, I decided to share this anyway.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

0.1.4c public release

As the tittle says.
You will find it here in download section.


//-------------- Petals of Rose 0.1.4c --------------//
- Info
 No new content in-game, this build is like 0.1.4b, so mainly fixing issues.
 NOTE: Since I am forced to move image files manually, if there is something missing, let me know as there is a huge chance I missed something.
 NOTE2: Old saves do not work, in next release there will be option to move player to either end of Sedara content or when latest release ended. Questions will take care of branching and equipment. Sorry about that.

---- Message speed option
---- Khas lighting plugin.
---- Gallery unlocking NPC.
---- Probably some bugs.
---- Converted all images to .webp to lower gamesize (50% less).
---- Missing image error no longer loops itself. Game continues normally.
---- Fixed reported bugs and ones I found.
---- Other things I forgot about.
---- Terrax lighting plugin, was causing too many problems.