About the game

What's the story about?

   Sit down, let me tell you more about that world and Rose. Rieat, where this story takes place, is an interesting place, a mix of middle ages we know and fantasy. One thing always certain is the rise of two opposite sides: The Legendary Hero - force of the good and The Demon King - force of the evil. They are destined to clash and fight, whoever wins will shape the world. During a time period of 1300 years, Demon King always lost his fights, but it's uncertain if it was the same much further in the past, known as Dark Ages. Some speculate it's because of Demon King's rule, but as there isn't anything to support that, we don't know. A blank history of Rieat and people still try to learn about it using tablets and texts written in unknown language.

   After Dark Ages, there was a 746 years long period know as Before Dominion, which is known for having more than 100 kingdoms constantly fighting with each other. That time ended, when next Legendary Hero defeated another Demon King and begun his crusade, which was called First Great War, to conquer everything and put under his rule. He was known as King of All. This short era however lasted only 103 years and infighting started after his death.
Next era, one in which our story takes place, is called After Dominion and we are at year 451 A.D..
At some point, in year 57 A.D. three countries were created out of great kingdom in an event known as Second Great War, which lasted 14 years: Manura Kingdom, Ka-Ohn Empire and Qmptark Colony.

   38 years ago, 413 A.D., Rieat saw an end to Third Great War when Manura and Ka-Ohn signed a peace treaty after 42 years long war. 10 years ago ruler of Manura, Holy King Robert Delweach the 3rd has been laid in his grave after his death that created a lot of controversy. He was succeed by his son, Holy King Marcus Delweach.

   And now, we are at current year, 451 A.D., the year at which Demon King has risen yet again, after 555 years of slumber. Great search for destined Legendary Hero has begun. To people in Rieat, everything is in order and as they mourn ones that died due to higher number of monster, they also celebrate living in times of next hero.

   But, at the same year, in a small village known as Sekum, some tragic event happened to a girl named Rose. This was her point at which she decided to become a wedge between Demon King and Legendary Hero, something that never happened, as no one is expected to have a chance against Ruler of all Evil other than destined Hero...
Will she succeed? How will she fare in this vast world where a challenge waits on every corner, not only from monsters and bandits, but from people filled with lust?

That's a story to be yet told...