Tuesday, June 19, 2018


As the title says... Yeah, it's on patreon.

//--------------Petals of Rose 0.1.4--------------//
- Info
  I am fully aware that planned version for this release was 0.1.5. But as version is tightly tied to story progression, due to amount of work I had to do for battle system (mostly drawing related) I had to cut some elements off and then add some story parts so it "feels" ok. Since this part of the story is pretty much where things kick off, I had to make sure everything is set up. And yes, technically there is more reading than gameplay, so to counter this I added few mini games for one part, battle to show how it ticks and some choices (one affects story in a great deal).
  Next update hopefully will be at version 0.2 and as scenes generally are faster to make, it shouldn't be as bad as it was this time (Only 20 days of slip... ffs).

--- A lot of images (around 600, mostly related to battle system and clothes damage)
--- Message skip
--- Tweaked dialogue boxes
--- Battle system
--- Clothes damage
--- Story, cutscenes and some extras related.
--- Keybind configuration
--- 1920p/720p Screen switch
--- Credits
--- Better options menu, more customization
--- More bugs
- Fixed/Tweaked
--- Optimized all images to lower memory usage (minus images that were already in, those got "light" treatment)
--- Switched images to 1920p screen size.
--- Tweaked graying out in dialogues so it doesn't take as long.
--- Probably some other things I forgot about