Monday, February 26, 2018

Giving some love to Mac and Linux users.

Keep in mind that I did not test  it on those systems. It's an option in RPG Maker to release game for those (as well as for Android/iOS), so I used it.
If you have some issues, let me now. I may install those OSes (probably Ubuntu for Linux distro) either normally or as a virtual machine and check how it works.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Demo released - Have fun with it :]

As the title says, demo is here.

And as I am already at it, let me link other things that may interest you before or after playing Petals of Rose:

Patreon page
Discord server
ULMF thread

Now I can finally get some sleep, yey!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Small something

Yey, finally finished drawing title screen...
And then I overdid it and made a fucking intro, ffs...

Yeah, shit quality video, looks way better normally.
But now, since I did what I needed, which was:
Redo whole fucking demo, add something extra to it, remove stuff that was either "meh" or I am saving for later part in the game, redo/fix other things and make new title screen.

Finally, this took way too fucking long, I am overdoing it with little details and stuff.
Now, would be nice to figure out that patreon thingy because that's one of the things I still didn't gave two fucks about, but finishing it just by relying on my savings is delusional, so support is needed...
And I would rather continue working on this as it's shitload of fun and I want to finish it asap, hoping that people will enjoy playing it as much as I am enjoying making it :P

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's me again.

Because there was almost no traffic here, I didn't write a post and mentioned anything about releasing 6.32 patch a while ago.

Also, I am playtesting demo and searching for bugs/issues, if I won't find anything more, I should drop fully working demo during this weekend.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Small update on this.

So I am done with all events, fixed caching in recollection room and added waitress event to it too.
But I also added extra room to recollection. It shows all possible routes for story event, which one player took and after the event: summary of whole route.
Summary doesn't spoil other routes and route can be viewed on the go (do sub-event, save-> load, do sub-event differently and save). As it's saved globally, just like sex events, progress/summary(if unlocked) can be viewed at any time.
Only issue is that I have to write summary for all combinations and there are total of 20 of those xD
Well, as soon as I am done with it, I will drop link to finished demo. :D