Petals of Rose (Download links)

Here are playable versions of the game.
Please, take a second and look into changelog.txt

Release: 0.1.4c + Hotfix 3
Windows  |  Mac  |  Linux

Run inside game folder: sudo chmod +x Game
Then run inside game folder: ./Game

Not tested.
Use terminal and "chmod +x ":\ Helper​ 
Password for gallery is: BOOBIES
(Yup, go and figure it out :P)
f you are giving up, then here:

Extra note due to AegisLab screaming false positive

Will scream false-positive because of one plugin (Galv_ImageCache.js), just so you know.
Rest of antiviruses don't have an issue with it.If you are using AegisLab, keep that in mind as you may need to add it to exclusion.