Monday, July 31, 2017

WWU #30 - The last WWU.

As title says, this is the last Weekly Weekend Update.

At this point there is nothing more to update regarding demo, other than finishing few images, editing events so I can put those images in, few tweaks and sprites.

So next post will be either information about upcoming demo or post with demo in it.
I am not exactly sure about date and last time I miscalculated it way too much.
Also, on demo release there will be thread on ULMF, as I am mainly posting there.

Oh right, after demo release, I will move all posts to archive to clean this blog up a little. Those will be still accessible, just archived so it's easier to navigate (as I will probably have post with mainly changelogs).

Monday, July 24, 2017

WWU #29 - Give all focus on useless thing, fail anyway.

Damn, it's already Monday morning? Shit, I can't  believe I used whole night trying to solve this, also explains why I am so fucking tired xD.
Anyway, most of my week got wasted on me trying to edit rmmv battle system for clothes damage and perverted attacks. Well, that was at first, until for some retarded reason I tried to build whole battle system from scratch. Bad idea, considering how much thinking and planning goes into that, worse thing? Not realizing and still trying to do it.
Literally got distracted, because I wanted to do something.

Considering battle system won't make it to demo, stuff that I saw after play testing more.
So, there are hidden scenes in maid event and everything was fine until I realized something and decided to play without unlocking hidden scenes. To put it simple: Not enough content in such case.
Thus, I need to add at least 2 extra scenes.
One being a blowjob (with Chief) and second one is a sex scene (not with Chief).

I am also thinking about adding 1 extra scene to waitress event, but can't decide if it should be a bukkake or gokkun... OR both mixed in one. Well, it's me and I am already getting kinky while thinking about how such scene should go so... yeah, most likely I will make it.

I am literally overdoing it, 2 events with enough scenes/CGs for 10 events. But, for my defense, I need to say that having such thing looks waaaaay better than just 1 base draw with extra stuff added for diversity xD

Yes, because I have too much time for this now, I may stretch it way more to polish that demo and build most of foundations to just keep adding stuff and not making new plugins for it.

I should share some kind of image...
Oh, I know. This is one I used when I tried to figure out size of boxes and character placement with multiple ones on screen at the same time. Because image size is exactly same as rmmv window, it was just easier to move layers around in GIMP rather than doing it in rpg maker.

Also, yes, characters are different, both in height and body types. Not as easy/lazy as having same body with different faces/hair, but it makes those charas feel/look different so it's totally worth it.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

WWU #28 - No ideas for good post title.

Almost done with motorcycle course, so I will have back around 3-4h daily. Though, I need to start searching and get a bike after I get my licence xD

Random peasants dialogue CGs are almost done (all need shading and such).
I am also sure there is something I am forgetting to write in posts all the time, but that's because I don't have my backlog open when I write those xD
Yes, my memory is shit :P

On the other news, I am trying out battle system with clothes damage, for versions after demo. Need to figure out what I fucked up because it's not working as I intended. Though it's lower priority atm than stuff I need for demo, it's still useful as a break from constantly drawing and making my hand feel like after 12h fap marathon xP

Sunday, July 9, 2017

About picarto streams

I forgot in previous post.
So I haven't been streaming at all lately, but that's due to my shitty Internet here.
I am not only limited to "at least it works" LTE but also to monthly transfer limit.

Because of that I am faced with possibility of it running out and paying extra for more.
That would be kinda shitty.

Though, after some thinking (like literally, while writing this) I got this idea:
Stream during last day of month, next day monthly transfer limit refreshes and I am fine.

Yep, gonna go with that, unless I forget because there is a chance I will after 2/3 of a month xD

Saturday, July 8, 2017

WWU #27 - It's the weird freedom, I tell ya!

I think I lost few brain cells along the way, because until today I didn't realize that first weekend of this month was a week ago and this is the second one.
I am 100% sure I am too young to get senile right now xD

Anyway, ignoring my brain malfunctioning, since 5th of this month I am free of work and with 6th of this month, I am working on this project full time
I did few playtests and there are small changes that need to be done.
Most important as of now and also one that is longest is to make new set for non-important NPCs. Yes, I am aware I already did that, but oh boy... Eyes are the problem, because it feels like speaking with exactly same character over and over. I had an idea to just remove eyes, put shadow there and call it a day, but I used those CGs in other parts of the game.
Other than that, I need to say that I don't see any problems/bugs.

So right now I am mixing testing/spell check and doing few CGs for random NPCs.
Not as often during weekends, I need my free time from time to time xD

Sunday, June 18, 2017

WWU #26 - It's me again :P

I have been both busy and lazy during this and last week.
Mostly because I couldn't shake off that idea about "Can slow down, I will have plenty of time in July and after". Plus, I finally decided to get motorcycle license (I can drive only cars xD) and a bike itself, so that takes a lot of free time.

Well, I did rewrite a lot of scripts and story, mostly thanks to playing Witcher 3 and seeing how some choices were affecting other quests without turning it into huge mess of connections. That's a good thing, because it solved a lot of my ideas that I dealt with quite poorly and now it's much better.

I still made 3 more NPC dialogue CGs ('Guard', 'villager old male' and 'villager male'), still need villager female, villager female old and bar owner.

I would say that next update will be on first weekend of July as I am still on slow down and will go full time on this after I am free of work xD.

Anyway, here, guard and villager as a small update.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

WWU #25 - I did so much in so little time.

As title says, I am quite happy at how much stuff I was able to complete during whole week.
I also realized that I forgot about few things. Yeah, wasn't checking my log/checklist as often and that's why I fucked up, at least it wasn't much. My memory may be shitty, but that's why I always make some backlog that I can refer to xD

Anyway, first, so what's done from stuff I didn't forget:

  • Maid event CGs are 99% complete (missing only face expressions for Chief's wife, rest is done).

Stuff I forgot about but completed during this week:

  • Village Chief dialogue CG + face expressions
  • Chief's wife dialogue CG (still missing facial expressions)
  • NPC Old lady dialogue CG (like, for Inn dialogue and such, depending where I need that).

Stuff that I forgot about and still need to complete:

  • NPC Guard dialogue CG
  • NPC random villager dialogue CG -> 2-3 versions for visual variety.
  • Bar owner dialogue CG
  • Knight dialogue CG <- though, I still need to script whole scene with him, so he may not make it. But if he makes it, then I need at least 1 mob CG for whole scene. So that adds one more thing.
  • Intro scenes
So not as much tbh.
And yes, I do need those dialogue CGs as with changing CG colors to more grey it's a nice way to indicate who is actually speaking, even with speaking chara name on top of the message.
I don't want to use busts, since Rose have her dialogue CGs and it just looks better when speaking to NPCs.

Anyway, I also decided to take like 3 or 6 months off work and focus on my little project. I can afford that with my savings, so in case of any problems, I will still have a lot of time to get a new job. Though, it will take around a month before I fully quit this one.

Well, seems like that's all. Gotta get some sleep and focus on completing missing CGs.
Also, shit, I misjudged so much about deadline I set for myself. Not enough experience in such projects :/